Years of Experience

We are developing and selling hardware and software solutions since 2004.
Thus we are able to customize according to your requirements.

What we offer

  • Core Business

    Telematics for Vehicles and Machines.

  • Unique Features

    Fuel Monitoring using custom fuel sensors.

  • Software Solutions

    Software, App or webbrowser based, Webserver.

Get an Idea

How we can support you and your truck fleet.

  • Telematic for trucks & machines

    Tracking and data analysis with focus on fuel monitoring is our core business.

  • Software

    Our software is made for assisting you to control and guide your fleet.

  • Fuel Monitoring

    Precise fuel consumption figures, as well as sophisticated fuel fraud detection.

  • Fuel Sensors

    Fuel sensors are the heart of our patented fuel monitoring system ECOsens©.

  • Specific Experience

    We are having specialities like a special tool for cutting tank openings.

  • Communication

    We are looking forward to discussing standard and individual solutions with you.

Fuel Theft Losses

It's up to you to save money.



Diesel Fuel Theft

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Diesel Fuel Price

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Diesel Fuel Theft

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